About Us

Exciting Home Plans 

It’s a new name in home designs, but we have over 35 years of award winning experience designing houses across Canada . Your House Plans deserve a designer that not only understands current trends, but understands where designs have evolved from. Exciting Home Plans leads the way with exciting new House Plans designed with a creative flair. With a solid commitment to excellence, Exciting Home Plans has fashioned unique residential House Plans. Our customers turn those plans into beautiful homes. We invite you to browse through our online selection of builder ready blueprints to view the wide range of home designs available. We can even personalize your plans tailoring your modifications. to suit your specific needs It is easy. Follow the directions on how to customize your plan when ordering a plan. If you need help call us and we’ll walk you through the process. We can help you before your purchase a plan to let you know the maximize size footprint or to help you through the site planning process.

Custom Homes 

Exciting Home Plans is also available to design exclusive custom built homes to match your lifestyle. From small to large, we offer Canadian architectural excellence. Please call us and we will help you achieve what you want in a home.

What we include with our Plans

Our plans are comprehensive drawings used by professional builders